Everything from design to installation.

Project sales

Practicality, comfort and compatible colors, high-quality materials, pleasant acoustics and lightning are important to us when doing interior design projects.

We design and execute interior decorations for different companies, project customers and public spaces. Whether it is interior design for kindergarten, school, office, café, restaurant, movie theater or a ship, we offer our customer a practical and comfortable interior design package where everything has been thought through. We work with flexibility and produce most of the project’s textiles in-house tailor-made for the customer’s needs.

Our project sales includes bedding, curtains, throws, cushions, curtain tracks and rods, design service and installation service.

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Southern Finland
Malla Peltola | malla.peltola(at)lennol.fi |
+358 50 470 6653

Northern Finland
Hilkka Reponen | hilkka.reponen(at)lennol.fi |
+358 44 055 4574


Sari Ojaniemi-Mäkelä | sari.ojaniemi-makela(at)lennol.fi |
+358 40 046 2432


myynti(at)lennol.fi | +358 207 756 137