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ELENA FEATHER pillow, white

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Product information

ELENA FEATHER is wonderfully fluffy product family that gives luxury to your bed. The filling is feather-down-mix which makes the products airy, soft and luxurious. The pillow with natural filling adapts for the sleeper and that is why it is also good for someone who varies their sleeping positions a lot during the night. The fabric is Oeko-Tex certified cotton, so it does not include any harmful chemicals. Beautiful golden piping puts the final touches to pillows, duvets and mattress pads. With the pillow you have two sizes to choose from: regular size 50x60 cm and bigger 60x80 cm pillow.

ELENA FEATHER product family’s feathers are Chinese duck feathers. The feathers are not collected from live birds and all the feathers that we use originate from the food industry.

MATERIAL: Fabric 100 % Oekotex certified cotton. Filling: 90 % feather, 10 % down. The total weight of 50x60 cm pillow is 800 g and 60x80 cm pillow is 1250 g.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Ventilate regularly. 60 °C, Water before washing. Use 1/3 of normal amount of detergent. Do not use fabric softener. Tumble dry. We recommend gentle detergent that is suitable for example for wool.

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