Lennol is known not only by its high quality procuts but also from its uncompromisingly stylish design. Lennol produces trendy products together with Finnish top designers. Their investment is invaluable to Lennol.

Jukka Rintala

Jukka Rintala

”Ordinary days and unrealistic world are mixed in my work. The unrealistic brings depth to my work.”

The powerful way to paint gives dignity, modern shapes and colors to the products designed by Jukka Rintala. These can be seen in Rintalas fashion creations, aquarelles, graphics and clothes. He has had several exhibitions and fashion shows in Finland as well as abroad.

Jukka Rintala has designed interior textiles to companies in South Ostrobothnia. Interior textiles designed to Lennol, Jokipiin Pellava and VM-Carpet have received a lot of attention in Finland and in Japan.

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Kaisi Koivumäki

Kaisi Koivumäki

As a pattern designer, Kaisi Koivumäki is a romantic and a story teller.

Kaisis designs Blackbird, Milja and Odelia contain endless amounts of details.

"I am a shameless romantic and I strive for beauty in everything. Decorativeness comes naturally to me but in all its decorativeness, my designs live a profound life an they tell stories. Design is like a painting to or a poem to me. An exciting opportunity to travel to a new reality with the wings of imagination. Blackbird design is an invitation to step into a deep velvety black forest that smells like wild roses and where blackbirds sing their wonderful songs."

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Seija Ranttila

Seija Ranttila

”The unforgettable moments of the northern seasons have been stored as powerful images into my heart.”

Textiles designed by Seija Ranttila reflect her close relation to the northern nature and the powerful seasons. As a Sami designer, Seija brings her own culture's strong and rich pattern and color world to modern textiles.

Fresh colors of summery beach water are repeated in Aurinko throws designed by Seija Ranttila.

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