Lennol Oy

Lennol Oy


Courage and belief in our own doing are the things why we are now here. Our over 50-year-old Finnish textile family company was founded in 1967. We design and manufacture various interior textiles, paddings for furniture industry and we do versatile interior design projects for companies and for the public sector. Our product selection also includes lamp shades, curtains and curtain accessories, pillows and blankets as well as wadding and inner cushions.
We want to offer sustainable solutions through design, circular economy and innovations. For consumers we want to provide boldly distinctive, womanly soft and luxuriously beautiful lifestyle.

Our factory and headquarters are located in Jalasjärvi, Finland and employ about 20 workers. Our products are retailed by furniture stores, interior design shops, handcraft shops and department stores throughout Finland, Russia and the Baltic counties. In addition, we have our own factory outlet in Jalasjärvi and shop-in-shops in Oulu and Kauhajoki. Our upcoming online store will make it available to purchase our products from all over Europe.

The core of our business is our own competitive domestic production and design which are based on experience, know-how and the usage of the latest technology. From day one the basic value of our company has been to acknowledge recycling and the state of being environmentally friendly in different parts of the production process. As a result of following these values in our product development, we have developed an ecological ECO-padding product line, which received INNOSUOMI 2009 award from the President of the Republic of Finland.

The right to use the Key Flag symbol tells about our domestic production. Our investment in domestic design has been recognized by Design from Finland symbol. Our goal is that every product and design we sell are designed with just us in mind. We also want to invest even more in circular economy. We have always taken care that there comes as little residue as possible from our production. We already provide products that are produced from recycled materials and we will further increase the usage of recycled materials in our furniture paddings, waddings and interior textile collection.